Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk and Sand

We had some nice weather again today. This spring has been pretty cold and wet thus far so we are taking advantage of these warm days when we get them. So after nap time we went outside. Lily loves to color, all of the time, all over everything, so sidewalk chalk is awesome. She can draw all over everything outside and the rain tomorrow will just wash it away.
I drew the star and started to color it in and Lily decided to take over. She is learning to match colors which is awesome. I love watching her learn.We then went out back. Tyson has been working on redoing our back pathway and he is putting sand under the flagstone. He isn't quite done yet so there is a small pile of sand sitting in our driveway. Last week when I had to run an errand he had Lily out there with him while he worked and got out her sand toys. So when she saw that pile of sand she ran and got the toys off of the patio and went to play.
She eventually started burying her legs in the sand.
She found her piggy watering can and ran straight to the garden.
And of course she had to go for a little drive.

She did not want to come inside so we had snack time (a frozen gogurt) outside on the front steps.
And this is how Charlotte spent our afternoon outdoors. Soon enough she will be big enough to play too.

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