Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Eggs

Last night Lily and I dyed Easter eggs. Charlotte and Tyson stood by, but we didn't get around to coloring eggs until the evening and that is Charlotte's cranky time so while Tyson took care of her I got to sit with Lily and help her with the eggs.
At the beginning she really had no idea what was going on. She thought that the colored water was juice, but once she got closer and smelled the vinegar she backed off.
We put the eggs in and the hardest part for this little girl is waiting. Someone needs to invent instant egg dye for toddlers.
She kept lifting them up with the spoons, so excited to see them change colors.
The pink was pretty weak though, not a lot of color out of that one.
Lily was so excited when they were finished. I dried off an egg and asked if she wanted to go show daddy. She grabbed, climbed off her chair, and ran as fast as she could to Tyson to show him her green egg.

So, aside for some spilled dye, colored hands from grabbing wet eggs, and my kitchen smelling like vinegar it was tons of fun, but really, with a toddler, you have to expect those things.


  1. Our package of dye today said that to get a brighter pink color use water with it instead of vinegar. The other colors though are brighter with vinegar. I thought I would let you know because we have had the same problem with pink in the past.