Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14: Go Out For Doughnuts

Can you believe that it is only 10 more days until Christmas Eve? My goodness December is flying by! We are loving it though and today's advent activity was simple and a lot of fun. This morning we took the girls out for doughnuts.
There is a little doughnut shop around the corner from our house and in the nearly 4 years that we have lived in the house we had never gone there. This morning we finally checked it out.

Leave it to my picky-eater here to be wary of a doughnut.
We gave Charlotte little bites, but certainly didn't get her her own. Instead I packed her a banana. Next December she can have her own.
Lily finally warmed up to it and after trying a bit of the frosting and sprinkles decided that it was safe.

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