Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20: Make Christmas Cookies

Our calendar has almost disappeared! Only a few more activities and then it will be Christmas! Today's activity was making and decorating Christmas cookies.

Lily loves to help me bake, though up until today she has just stood on her chair and watched. She has started an "I do it!" phase and wanted to help. Her first job was to hold the mixer, not that it needed to be held, but it made her happy to "help".

I let her add a few ingredients and she loved it! Until she poured the flour all over the counter top, but such is life when baking with toddlers.

Our first cookies were Lemon Crinkle cookies that I found on Pinterest. I made them last week just to test out the recipe and they were so good I decided that we needed to make them again.  You must try them!!!  Once we had to the dough made I set everything up.

I rolled the balls and Lily helped me set them on the tray to bake.

While the lemon cookies baked it was time to roll out and cut the sugar cookies. My Lily, being her mother's child, first had to get out all of the cookie cutters, identify the shape, and sort them out.

It took her a few tries, but she figured out how to use the cookie cutters.

She was a little confused when the cookie dough got stuck in them though.

While the sugar cookies baked and cooled my girls played peek-a-boo in my cupboards.

Finally it was time to frost the sugar cookies.

Lily was very serious about frosting her cookie, and even more serious about eating the frosting off of her cookie.

Charlotte participated by eating a cookie and trying to get her hands on many many more.

These are our finished lemon crinkle cookies, forgive the bad pictures, my kitchen has terrible lighting.

Our delicious sugar cookies!

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