Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1: Decorating the Tree

We made an advent calendar for the girls this year. There is a baggie for each day, and in each bag there is a treat for each girl (though daddy is eating Charlotte's), an activity for the day, and a scripture about Jesus' life to read.
Today's activity was decorate the Christmas tree!
During nap time Tyson and I set up the tree and then this evening we pulled out the decorations. Tyson put the tree skirt on Lily and she loved it!
Charlotte was very excited by the bin full of ornaments.
It took longer than usual, but we got everything on our tree. I love it! It feels like Christmas!
Lily was fascinated!
She had to examine every little bit of the tree. She kept telling us how pretty everything was.
Charlotte enjoyed crawling around under the tree. I don't think that we will be putting Christmas presents under the tree anytime soon.
We got the rest of our decorations up as well, the stocking are hung,
my nativity is all set up,
and the girls' nativity is ready to go.

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