Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19: Decorate a Gingerbread House

Less than a week! Christmas is less than a week away! I'm amazed at how much I am looking forward to it this year, I mean, honestly, I'm 29 years old, but to my girls everything is just magical, especially with Lily right now and everything Christmas makes her eyes sparkle.

I completely forgot to include this advent activity when I first made our calendar, but I adjusted things around because everyone needs to decorate a gingerbread house.

I had planned to do graham cracker houses, but when I stopped by Target to pick up a prescription I noticed that they had their kits 50% off and for $5 I was sold! I assembled the house this morning, because heaven knows these two girls aren't going to wait for that.

Lily started with the cookie, she has just woken up from her nap and was a little cranky, but put a cookie and frosting in her hand and she got over her crankiness really quickly.

Charlotte was happy to watch, and Lily gave her a few little candies from time to time.

Lily picked up candies and I showed her where to put them.

She even got little tastes of frosting. Of course she smeared it all over her face.

Our finished product!

We signed the back, forgive my horrible frosting handwriting.

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