Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4: Paint Hand Print Christmas Trees

Day 4 is here and Today's activity was to paint hand print Christmas trees. Don't ask my why I thought that this was a good idea. We've done lots of finger painting of course, but outside, where I can spray everything off afterwards. We survived though, with minimal mess, and the girls had a lot of fun.
Of course I took their cute dresses off before I sat them up to the table to paint.
Lily did great! She loved the paint all over her hand, but let me guide her hand to make the tree shape. She was a little distressed when she got some green paint on her tummy though. Charlotte also did really wall. She kept squishing the paint around in her hand, she didn't want to open it up, but after a bit she did and let me guide her to make the tree shape.
Lily had a lot of fun using her finger to put on the red ornaments, she was enjoying it so much that I let her put the ornaments on Charlotte's tree too.
This is turning into a really fun activity for us. Lily is excited to do the calendar everyday, and she knows the routine of opening it up, reading the activity, going over to the couch to read our scripture, and then following me for our activity.

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  1. That sounds fun! I am enjoying following to see what you guys do each day.