Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5: Make Ornaments

We are on to day 5 and today's activity was to make Christmas ornaments.
While the girls played I made a little bit of salt dough. I added a bunch of gold glitter to the dough, and while it doesn't show up well in the pictures, it makes them sparkle when they are hanging on the tree surrounded by little twinkling lights.
Anyway, we made four ornaments, we did one of Charlotte's hand print. Lily didn't want to do a hand print so I asked what she would like and she said a star and so we made her a couple of stars and then mommy made a candy cane. We baked them for about an hour and a half.
And when they were done we got them out and used a little glue and glitter, well, lots of glitter. Seriously, I'll be cleaning glitter off of my floor for weeks. Anyway, I let Lily pick what color we used to decorate the stars and Charlotte's hand print. When I pulled out the camera she yelled "ta-da" and spread her arms wide. After doing that a couple of times Charlotte started to mimic her.
It was a fun little project for today.

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