Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3: Make a Candy Cane Star

Today's advent activity was the first craft on our list. Our plans for this morning, make a candy cane star to hang in our window.
Charlotte isn't interested in the strips of paper yet, but she sure likes the ornaments.
Lily got one of the extra candy canes to eat while we worked.
Charlotte all ready in her chair to watch as we make our star.
I found this idea on Pinterest, but not a tutorial so I did my best to imitate it. We started by making 6 little candy cane hearts.
Then glued them together in sets of three.
And last of all placed one on top of the other and glued the heck out of it. I love how it turned out! I need to put a coat of krylon sealer on it so that it doesn't get sticky and such.
Lily loved watching it come together and she helped by handing things to me. Charlotte liked having us both close by. Lily kept her entertained, she is such a great sister!


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    I'm writing an article for on candy cane decor and I thought yours would be perfect:

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  2. Love it! Thanks for showing how you made these!!